New Motor Delivery service aimed at retail car buyers

Photo: Left to right: Ian Smith, Commercial Director; Jack Davies, Operations Director; Phil Kelsey, Managing Director

Motor Delivery, a new, online dealer-to-home delivery service for car buyers, is launching this
month employing moDel, the UK’s leading electronic vehicle delivery and collection solution, as
its key technology partner and Lincoln-based vehicle logistics specialist, Vision Drive, as logistics

The new Motor Delivery service, which is headed up by directors Phil Kelsey, Ian Smith and Jack
Davies, will launch in the Midlands region from January after taking widespread soundings in the
retail motor market.

A number of dealer groups have already expressed interest in the new delivery service, which is
free to dealers and will utilise Ebbon-Dacs’ moDel system to capture delivery data and handover

The new service is ideal for dealerships of all sizes, for both new and used cars, that deliver
numbers of vehicles to retail customers on a regular basis. The new service brings an array of
attractive features and benefits – all at no cost to the dealer.

Motor Delivery is aimed directly at the retail motor market, with a fast and competitively priced
offer, to help car buyers get their new vehicle delivered from the dealer to any location of their
choosing. Dealerships choose the date and time slot of the delivery at the start of the sale
process, which gives greater flexibility and removes the need to have handovers over a

With Motor Delivery’s ‘white glove’ and customer focused approach, its model is designed to
also help improve dealers’ Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) rating for vehicle handover with a
fast, highly efficient and professional service. Motor Delivery handles all aspects of the
handover, including explaining the car’s key technology and specification benefits to the driver.

With dealerships no longer involved in handovers, it will free up time for retail sales staff,
allowing them to spend more time on physically selling more cars, confident that the delivery
process is being handled seamlessly and professionally.

All vehicle movements can be followed through the Motor Delivery portal, via a unique log-in, so
both the dealer and the customer can monitor the whereabouts of the vehicle in the supply
chain whenever required.

Vehicles will be delivered in partnership with Vision Drive, which has handled more than
100,000 vehicle movements since 2016, on clean, safe and well maintained trucks, by fully
trained, employed and insured drivers.

Ian Smith, Commercial Director, said: “This new solution is free for dealers to start using, and is
designed to imbed seamlessly into their sales process, providing a quick and efficient way for
organising the home delivery.

“Motor Delivery’s technology, as a standalone platform, can integrate into dealers’ sales
platforms in the same way as F&I products to make the order process as seamless and effortless
for them as possible.

“A pricing algorithm works out the delivery charge on a pence per mile basis per vehicle so no
further calculations are required by the dealer, and we handle all communications with the end-
customer and every aspect of the handover process,” he said.

Managing Director, Phil Kelsey, said that after reviewing several products on the market the
decision had been taken to select the Ebbon-Dacs moDel solution to electronically capture all
delivery information.

“moDel is a leading industry benchmark, used by national dealers in the UK. This technology will
drive our system and help us let everyone know where the vehicle is in the process.”

“As well as offering new car buyers a highly price competitive, fast and professional delivery
service, Motor Delivery takes away the time-consuming handover and communication process
from retail dealer staff so they can focus on selling more cars.”

Ebbon-Dacs’ Commercial Head – moDel, Michael Terry, said: “moDel has become the benchmark
system for fully automated vehicle collection and delivery within the UK fleet market.

“However, this type of opportunity in the retail sector fits with our growth aspirations for the
wider automotive market, and the new partnership will be utilising our stand-alone moDel-VM
solution 100% of the time for the handover process.

“moDel-VM will be fully integrated within the portal to provide a seamless
end-to-end platform and give the new car buyer a hugely convenient delivery service anywhere
in the UK,” he said.

Motor Delivery launches January 2019 into a selected number of initial dealerships. The
business and directors welcome the opportunity to talk to other dealers of any size that are
interested to explore the opportunity and how it may compliment the services already offered.

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