Mon Motors Group reports unqualified success for moDel-VM pilot

Mon Motors Group has seen positive results from a pilot scheme involving its Audi franchise in Cardiff and moDel-VM, the standalone version of Ebbon-Dacs’ market-leading moDel solution, which improves vehicle collection and delivery efficiency.

Family-run Mon Motors operates 11 sites in South Wales and the West of England with three Audi, two Volkswagen, one SEAT and one Skoda franchise plus a further four Ford outlets, selling around 10,500 new cars per annum.

The pilot scheme involves the Group’s Audi fleet department which is responsible for sales of around 1,300 new cars a year and, if it is a success, the intention is to roll it out to the wider Group over the coming months.
Mon Motors has already had experience of working with Ebbon-Dacs’ moDel delivery solution, using it in the collection of used vehicles and the delivery of new vehicles for leasing company customers who use Ebbon-Dacs’ market-leading e-procurement platform, Leaselink.
However, the company wanted to pilot the stand-alone version with smaller leasing companies who were not on the Leaselink platform. So far, in the four months the trial has been running, it had been ‘an unqualified success’, said Audi Account Manager, David Probert.
The moDel-VM solution completely automates the new vehicle delivery/ used vehicle collection process and allows users to remarket their vehicles more quickly and efficiently, as well as capturing all relevant information electronically and removing all paper from the system.

“The moDel system has been driven by leasing companies and we currently use it to record the delivery of all new vehicles for our leasing company customers who are on the Leaselink platform,” said David Probert.

“But we wanted something for our smaller leasing company customers who were not on Leaselink, and the stand-alone moDel-VM system has been ideal. It now amalgamates our new vehicle deliveries on one platform rather than a multiple number of platforms.

“Prior to using moDel-VM, we had an ad hoc system using Dropbox and PDFs for our delivery drivers, which meant it could take a week for a delivery note to find its way back to us.

“Drivers were sceptical of the new system initially but, with its ease of use, it’s now been widely accepted. The app is extremely reliable and we have had no crashes or drop-outs with it and it ensures all out customer information is downloaded accurately and efficiently.

“From a back office point of view, it speeds up the whole process, allowing us to invoice more quickly and helping our cashflow. It’s also intuitive, easy to use and requires little training. Our recommendation will be to roll it out across the whole Group,” he said.

moDel-VM complements the original moDel system from Ebbon-Dacs which currently handles around 18,000 vehicle movements per month across the fleet market and is employed by 16 of the UK’s largest contract hire and leasing companies, who are also users of Ebbon-Dacs’ Leaselink e-procurement platform.

moDel-VM offers the same level of functionality and features, including improved photographic capabilities to more accurately record and assess the condition of collected vehicles, along with more detailed, but easier to use, damage reporting which can be relayed instantly to end users.

The solution works perfectly on tablet computers which use the Android 4.0 operating system or newer, while an inbuilt compatibility app allows users to check whether their device is fit for purpose.

MoDel product manager, Michael Terry, said: “The trial at Mon Motors Group has gone very well and we are delighted that they are now seeing and enjoying the benefits the system offers. We are confident that, should they roll it out across all their franchises, it will be more than equal to the task.”

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