moDel-VM brings major benefits for Vehicle Connections

Lichfield-based logistics company, Vehicle Connections, has seen a number of major benefits from introducing moDel-VM, the standalone version of Ebbon-Dacs’ market-leading moDel solution, to improve the efficiency of its vehicle collections and deliveries.

Vehicle Connections, a West Midlands family-run vehicle logistics business that has been operating successfully throughout the UK for the last 12 years, delivers new vehicles and collects used models for around 100 dealerships on behalf of most of the UK’s major contract hire and leasing companies.

The company operates a fleet of nine single and multi-vehicle transporters and uses 20 trade plate drivers to deliver new leased vehicles to fleet customers on a nationwide basis, handling around 10,000 vehicle movements a year.

As it works regularly with most of the UK’s leading leasing companies, the company had already had experience of using the moDel delivery solution, which is mandatory for most leasing companies to integrate with Ebbon-Dacs’ market-leading e-procurement platform, Leaselink.

However, the business wanted a system that was also compatible with users outside the Leaselink environment and selected moDel-VM, the stand-alone version of the system, in January this year.

So far, it has been ‘absolutely brilliant, said Vehicle Connections CEO and Transport Director, Nathan Parry.

“We wanted a solution to automate vehicles deliveries and collections and had built our own app. However, it wasn’t very successful, and when we tested the latest version of moDel-VM system about six months ago we find it was perfect for our needs.

“It now allows us to aggregate our new vehicle deliveries on one platform rather than a number of different platforms, which is great news for our drivers as they now only need to use one online application rather than several.

“Prior to using moDel-VM, we had been using an assortment of manual point of collection and point of delivery paperwork for different lease companies, which meant that it could sometimes take several days for delivery details to find their way back to us, and often there would be disputes.

“Now everything is recorded electronically, we can generate the appropriate paperwork ourselves and are completely in control of the vehicle delivery process. We can track deliveries from start to finish and disputes are a thing of the past.

“We are also able to invoice daily which speeds up payments and are now looking at new developments with Ebbon-Dacs including integrating model-VM with our back office Sage accounting system,” he said.

“model-VM has helped us bring our vehicle logistics business into the 21st Century,” he added.

The moDel-VM solution is now utilised by 22 logistics and delivery suppliers and handled more than 10,000 vehicle deliveries in March alone.

Ebbon-Dacs’ Commercial Head – moDel, Michael Terry, said: “We are delighted that Vehicle Connections is now seeing and enjoying the benefits the moDel-VM system offers, including a number of efficiencies in terms of paperwork and daily invoicing.”

Nathan Parry, Vehicle Connections CEO and Transport Director

Notes to Editors 

About Vehicle Connections

Established in 2006 by Tony and Nathan Parry, Vehicle Connections is a family run car transportation business that handles around 10,000 vehicle movements per annum.  Based in Lichfield, Staffordshire, the company works with most major leasing companies to cover the whole of the UK, using a fleet of nine transporters and 20 trade plate drivers.

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