Licence Check launches new driver compliance app

Licence Check has launched a driver compliance app for its award-winning Driver and Vehicle Information Solution, DAVIS, with a number of unique features including ‘quick check’ scanning technology – a claimed industry-first and the fastest and most convenient way to check a driving licence.

The new app will be available to download for all users of DAVIS, Licence Check’s highly acclaimed cloud solution that helps manage driver and vehicle fleet compliance for both company vehicles and the grey fleet, using their existing user credentials.

The app features new ‘quick check’ driver licence scanning technology which Licence Check, the UK’s fastest growing provider of fleet licence checking and compliance services, says is an industry first and which promotes a modern, flexible approach to driver fleet management.

Users of the app can scan a photocard driving licence with their smart phone camera and utilising state-of-the-art scanning technology to upload critical driving licence data, instantly create a driver record.

From the record created, DAVIS then sends a pin code to the driver’s mobile phone, with summary information that the driver must verify to complete the process and permit a check to be instantly carried out against the DVLA database, with the results being fed back in real-time into DAVIS.

Licence Check says this is the fastest way available of checking whether a driving licence is valid and the driver qualified to carry out their permitted driving duties. At the same time, not only does it reduce the number of steps involved but it also keeps manual data entry to a minimum.

The app also provides users with real-time and flexible access to driver and vehicle summary dashboards containing all relevant and up-to-date licence and risk information for each driver and vehicle, which is ideal for users that work between locations, travel frequently or work outside office hours.

It includes an advanced “quick search” function which is ideal for fleet managers or other users who want to quickly check the risk profile of a driver or vehicle. Keying in ‘high risk’ or ‘disqualified licence’ into the app allows them to see whether the driver or vehicle in question falls into either high risk category.

The app also features enhanced in-app calling and messaging functionality which removes the need to store driver phone numbers in a mobile phone. Users can simply tap ‘call driver’ and be connected instantly.

Terry Hiles, General Manager at Licence Check, now part of the Ebbon-Dacs Group, said: “Our new DAVIS app offers an innovative and extremely quick way to check drivers’ licences by using a smart phone camera to scan a physical driving licence and gain the all important driver permission via pin code authorisation.

“It allows drivers’ licences to be quickly checked anytime, anywhere both inside and outside office hours and within an office environment or remotely.

“The DAVIS app also enables system users to access vital information dashboards remotely and view real-time driver and vehicle risk information without needing to be logged into DAVIS at their desks, which we believe promotes a modern, on-the-move and flexible approach to fleet management.”


Notes to Editors

About Licence Check

Derby-based Licence Check, which celebrated its tenth anniversary last year, won the ‘Safety Award’ at the 2018 Business Car Awards and, more recently, the ‘Innovation of Risk Management Award’ for its DAVIS solution at the British Fleet Awards.
Established in 2008 by Richard Brown, it is one of the UK’s leading licence checking businesses, carrying out hundreds of thousands of online driver licence checks per annum and is the UK’s fastest growing licence checking business.
The company works with both private and public sector customers, including end user fleets, vehicle leasing and rental suppliers, transport and logistics companies and coach and bus operators, to name but a few, providing real-time driving licence checking solutions and driver compliance.
The company is also a founding member of the Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV), the trade body for driving licence checking operators.
More recently, the company’s range of customer services has been expanded under the Driver and Vehicle Information Solution brand, DAVIS, a cloud solution to help manage driver and vehicle fleet compliance for both company vehicles and the grey fleet.
DAVIS is a cloud software solution for driver and vehicle compliance management that automates and streamlines essential processes and ensures duty of care is addressed. DAVIS has been specifically designed to allow customers to add, or remove, different modules on a ‘mix and match’ basis. The solution focuses on four main operational/functional areas including the driver of the vehicle; the vehicle itself; business information in the form of policies and guidelines; and services relating to the driver and the vehicle
DAVIS provides a number of key solutions. These include:
Licence Check – real time online checking service which verifies and validates driving licences
Grey Fleet Management – compliance solution for grey fleet drivers and vehicles
Driver Risk Assessor – online assessment identifying ‘at risk’ drivers
CDR – scans driving licences (GB, EU and international) and ID1 identity cards uploading data and checking authenticity
Licence Check was acquired by Ebbon-Dacs in November 2018. Terry Hiles and all key staff have remained with the business, which will continue to be based in Derby.

About Ebbon-Dacs

Ebbon-Dacs is well established as a provider of hosted, web-based technology solutions to the automotive contract hire and leasing community. For almost 20 years, the company has focused on connecting and automating the fleet community with an increasing range of platforms.
Its main online solutions include the market-leading e-procurement platform, Leaselink, and the vehicle delivery system, moDel, both of which are used extensively throughout the UK and increasingly in Europe.

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