Ebbon-Dacs sees doubling of electronic deliveries through moDel

Ebbon-Dacs, Europe’s leading e-procurement specialist for major leasing and fleet management companies, has witnessed a doubling in the number of vehicles being delivered and collected through its electronic vehicle delivery and collection solution, moDel.

In the last 12 months, the volume of vehicle transactions going through the moDel solution has increased by 110%, so that it now handles some 13,000 vehicle movements per month, mainly through contract hire and leasing companies, associated logistics companies and dealers.

At the same time, the Oxford-based software solutions provider has also seen an increase in the number of companies using its market-leading e-procurement platform, Leaselink. Some 15 of the country’s top 20 contract hire and leasing companies, which are responsible for managing around 830,000 company vehicles, are now Leaselink users.

During the last calendar year, well in excess of 150,000 new vehicles have been sourced, ordered and delivered through the Leaselink system, which is now in its second generation for all users. The growth reflects an increasing trend towards electronic new vehicle ordering as the market standard in the UK fleet arena, due to advances in technology.

However, it is with moDel that Ebbon-Dacs has seen the most dramatic year-on-year growth as awareness increases amongst users to the benefits of implementing the system.

The moDel solution has been designed to allow Leaselink users to automatically upload all electronic vehicle delivery and collection information directly into the Leaselink platform, thus cutting time, errors and needless administration, and speeding up the time to market.

It is currently being employed by 11 of the UK’s largest contract hire and leasing companies, who are also users of the Leaselink e-procurement platform, to handle their new vehicle deliveries.

However, Ebbon-Dacs also provides a stand-alone version with the same level of functionality for companies which are responsible for large movements of vehicles but which are not necessarily members of the Leaselink trading community, such as logistics companies, daily rental suppliers and auction houses.

moDel allows users to instantly capture time-critical information around the new vehicle delivery and used vehicle collection process, and speeds up remarketing so that dealers and others users can remarket their vehicles more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The solution offers the very latest functionality and features, including improved photographic capabilities to more accurately record and assess the condition of collected vehicles, along with more detailed, but easier to use, damage reporting which can be relayed instantly to end users.

As a result, this speeds up the invoicing and payment process as the condition of vehicles is confirmed far more rapidly, thus helping ease any cash flow issues.

Ebbon-Dacs has introduced a tiered pricing structure for moDel based on the number of vehicle movements it records and also offers training in its use, which can be carried out online, at the user’s place of work or at Ebbon-Dacs’ Oxford offices.

Ebbon-Dacs director, Robert Pilkington, said: “In the last 12 months, we have been particularly pleased with the success of our moDel solution, which fully automates the delivery and collection process around new vehicle transactions, speeding up the process, removing needless paper from the system and facilitating faster payments for system users.”

Robert Pilkington
Ebbon-Dacs director Robert Pilkington

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