Ebbon-Dacs increases manufacturer recognition

Oxford-based DMS provider, Ebbon-Dacs, is celebrating being awarded certification for its DMS by Vauxhall Motors in record time.

The move follows a very intensive period of work by Ebbon-Dacs’ integrations team to meet Vauxhall’s requirements, so that its DMS is a fully certified system choice for the entire Vauxhall dealer network.

The news means that Ebbon-Dacs has certified system status for DMS with the UK’s two largest vehicle manufacturers, Ford and Vauxhall, further strengthening its desirability and potential expansion in the UK market.

As well as Ford and Vauxhall certification, Ebbon-Dacs DMS includes integrations with many other manufacturers and is reward for the investment in integrations resources that the company has made.

Craig Gibbin, Managing Director of Ebbon-Dacs’ DMS division, said that manufacturer integrations were very important to Ebbon-Dacs’ continued success going forward.

“We invested significantly throughout 2013 and into this year in our integrations teams in order to ensure that we are able to deliver everything we were asked for by our customers and for the franchises that they represent.

“We see the trend for many more integrations, as advancements in technology enable systems’ integrations to support improvements in all aspects of dealership management from customer experience to process efficiencies.

“However, writing and then passing certification is only half of the story. We aim to ensure that our customers benefit from the business improvements that many of our integrations provide – which is why we are adding further resources to our implementation teams,” he said.

As part of its ongoing investment, eighteen months ago Ebbon-Dacs brought in highly experienced DMS specialist Michelle Benton with the objective of strengthening its relationships with vehicle manufacturers.

Ebbon-Dacs has significantly increased investment in its DMS, including doubling the number of developers and analysts working on the system.

“Our objective is to have our DMS system endorsed or approved by all possible and available vehicle manufacturers, and to ensure that our dealers are compliant with manufacturer standards,” added Craig Gibbin.

The company has recently developed and launched two new innovative solutions to help dealers manage their businesses more efficiently and cost effectively.

The first is a new portal to manage all types of sales enquiries, including the handling of web enquiries and manufacturer leads in one modern and simple application, called Enquiry Builder (www.enquirybuilder.com)

This has proven to be very successful as many non Ebbon-Dacs DMS customers have also adopted the new application. The key to its success is the simplicity of use and the easy

The second is an app-based vehicle appraisal system called Appraisal Builder with its own dedicated website www.appraisalbuilder.co.uk

Appraisal Builder has been developed following dealer requests, and is currently being trialled by a major dealer group. It is available as a full native app on Apple IOS and Google Android to download onto any tablet device. The app requires no formal training and fully modernises vehicle appraisals by removing all paper from the appraisal process.

Notes to Editors

About Ebbon-Dacs DMS

Ebbon-Dacs DMS is a fully integrated, modular system which has been developed over the last ten years to ensure it not only offers all core dealer management functionality, but also the database management and business intelligence tools necessary to help car dealers improve marketing effectiveness, increase sales, reduce costs and grow profitability.

At the heart of DMS is the world-class Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution, which offers a familiar and intuitive user interface that enhances usability, increases user confidence and reduces training needs. Ebbon-Dacs has applied its extensive automotive retailing expertise to this leading global business management solution to produce a DMS solution uniquely tailored for franchised dealer groups in the UK.

About Ebbon-Dacs

Ebbon-Dacs is an online solutions company based near Oxford and specialises in delivering hosted, web technology solutions. The company has a presence in France and the Netherlands and, through partners, in Italy and Germany.

Ebbon-Dacs, which is owned by a private equity group, provides business process automation solutions to a wide range of automotive business enterprises through a number of different business tools and solutions and is a leader in hosted solutions for the automotive industry.

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