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Fleet operators are being offered access to 10 key fleet management tools, which target fuel savings, meet duty of care requirements, highlight aggressive and costly drivers, accurately record all mileages and identify vehicle faults and when servicing is due – all for less than £5 per month per vehicle.

The offer comes from Oxford-based online solutions provider, Ebbon-Dacs, and motor accessories supplier, vGroup International, in conjunction with their recently launched moDrive telematics solution which is attracting interest right across the fleet market.

One major leasing company with several thousand vehicles is already in the process of implementing moDrive for all its new client vehicles, while talks are ongoing with several other large fleets plus a number of motor manufacturers.

The management tools available through moDrive allow fleet managers to tackle all the major areas of fleet concern they face in the coming year.

Through moDrive, fleet managers can:

  1. Capture all mileages
  2. Identify vehicle faults
  3. Anticipate when servicing is due
  4. Reduce wear and tear costs
  5. Identify expenses fraud
  6. Highlight rogue driving behaviours
  7. Monitor duty of care information
  8. Target fuel savings and monitor results
  9. Store unlimited amounts of data
  10. Have full connectivity of hardware

Put together, these tools allow fleet managers and other end users to run their fleets more efficiently and cost effectively as well as meeting legal requirements such as duty of care.

The moDrive system is based around the most sophisticated and proven dealer-fit, black box hardware, currently utilised by tens of thousands of vehicles throughout the UK.

Unlike many other systems on the market today, it does not automatically include vehicle tracking side stepping driver privacy concerns, especially in company car fleets. Tracking is usually only required for on-road sales forces, light commercial vehicles and vehicle groups.

For those fleets that do need or want it, however, the location tracking functionality within moDrive can also be easily switched on at the fitting stage or during the lifetime of the contract.

“Through moDrive, fleet operators get is access to 10 key fleet management tools that allow for a more cost efficient and legally compliant operation of their vehicle fleets – all for less than £5 per month,” said Robert Pilkington, managing director of the Leaselink International division of Ebbon-Dacs.

“We are well aware of some of the negative implications associated with the tracking functionality of telematics for company cars. But, with moDrive, fleet users do not need to have the tracking option. Instead, they can use its cutting edge functionality to run their fleet more efficiently and cost effectively.”

Studies show that some fleets still see the high cost of telematics as a major barrier to wider uptake in the fleet market, with telematics providers charging significant amounts per vehicle for their services. The moDrive proposition, however, provides cheaper, yet cutting edge functionality that meets most fleet operators’ needs.

With the moDrive solution, data from each vehicle is transmitted to a state-of-the-art hosting facility where it is processed and made available in a variety of reporting formats.

Mileage capture can monitor service intervals for all manufacturer makes and models and, in some cases, the vehicle’s own service countdown data can be provided, enabling end-users to control when and where the vehicle will be serviced, potentially reducing costs.

Despite its low entry cost, moDrive is designed to be scalable and is capable of handling many tens of thousands of vehicles.

Vicky Arnold, Head of Sales at vGroup International, commented: “We are making this new offer with moDrive at what we believe is a realistic price per vehicle because we believe the fleet management tools it provides can play a huge part in the more efficient operation of many vehicle fleets.

“At the same time, Ebbon-Dacs’ existing Leaselink infrastructure and vGroup’s existing logistics infrastructure gives us a unique cost base and a unique customer offering, and allows us to keep the entry price for moDrive as cost-effective and low as possible,” she said.

Fleet operators requiring more information can do so by contacting enquiries@modrive.co.uk or visiting: www.modrive.co.uk


Notes to Editors

About Leaselink

Following fourteen years’ development, Leaselink is Europe’s market leading web based e-procurement solution, linking franchised dealers and motor manufacturers to major fleet management, leasing and rental companies.

An established online community, Leaselink is accessed by over 700 franchised dealers and dealer groups every day to respond to tenders and optimise the supply of fleet vehicles. In 2009 the trading platform was responsible for in excess of €3.15bn worth of fleet orders in the UK and Europe.

About Ebbon-Dacs

Ebbon-Dacs is an online solutions company based near Oxford and specialises in delivering hosted, web technology solutions. The company has a presence in France and the Netherlands and, through partners, in Italy, Germany, Australia and Portugal.

Ebbon-Dacs, which is owned by a private equity group, provides business process automation solutions to a wide range of automotive business enterprises through a number of different business tools and solutions and is a leader in hosted solutions for the automotive industry.

About vGroup International

Launched in 1992, vGroup International is a full process supplier of vehicle accessories to all sectors of the new car market, including motor manufacturers, accessory departments, the fleet and

leasing industry, dealers and dealer groups and major retail outlets.

vGroup International operates in UK, China and the United States of America and is opening an outlet in Australia. It is looking further to establish itself in the Middle East and South Africa.

One in three new cars sold in the UK have a vGroup International product in them, and the company also has programmes for light commercial vehicles, from graphic design and manufacture to ply lining manufacturing and fitment.

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