Appraisal Builder improves profits for dealers

Dealers can speed up their sales process and improve profitability through faster appraisals of used vehicles, thanks to a new vehicle appraisal solution which fully automates the appraisals process, eradicates misappraisals and supports the industry move to remote hand-held devices.

The new Appraisal Builder solution from Oxford-based DMS provider, Ebbon-Dacs, has been developed following dealer requests, is currently being trialled by a major dealer group.

It is available as a full native app on Apple IOS & Google Android to download onto your tablet device. The app requires no formal training and fully modernises vehicle appraisals by removing all paper from the appraisal process.

Through an innovative user interface and unique workflow management, the new solution takes users through a seamless vehicle appraisal process to ensure they are provided with all the information they require to accurately value new and used vehicles.

The new solution can be used to not only appraise part exchanges in a consistent manner, but will also evaluate new vehicle deliveries and used vehicle direct purchases. As a cloud based system, it has zero impact on a dealership’s existing IT infrastructure.

The Appraisal Builder solution can also be used within servicing and after-sales departments to record damage to vehicles as they arrive for servicing, building the customers’ expectation of additional work and helping to up-sell to them.

The Appraisal Builder solution records the overall condition of the vehicle, in a digital format, allowing the user to highlight and record specific vehicle damage and the severity of the damage, as well as having the ability to add specific notes and photos.

Common issues with paper-based appraisal systems are inaccurate information, errors and missing information, which can prove costly. But the new solution allows the sales manager to make a faster, error-free and more informed decision when valuing the vehicle.

With Appraisal Builder, considerable cost savings can be achieved by a dramatic reduction in misappraisals. And by speeding up the vehicle appraisal process, staff are able to focus more directly on revenue generating activities.

The Appraisal Builder app connects to a centralised cloud server, giving dealer management access to appraisal information in real time and the data generated can also be used to rapidly measure the performance of their territories and even individual staff.

Craig Gibbin, Managing Director of Ebbon-Dacs, said: “We have begun a number of trials with major dealer groups ahead of a product launch in quarter one of 2014. ”

“Data quality, and the speed at which appraisals can be completed and reviewed, has always been a problem in our industry. But our new app’s online, offline and synchronising capabilities will ensure that the sales team can conduct a uniform professional appraisal anywhere and on any vehicle.”

Chris Taylor, Head of Product Development at Ebbon-Dacs, added: “Appraisal Builder can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and Android Market Place and will enable dealers to benefit from the on-going industry shift towards working with remote hand-held devices, such as tablets and smart phones, rather than those dictated by the provider.”

“This product represents a milestone for Ebbon-Dacs as this is our first fully native mobile application.”

“We believe it will help support and improve profitability in used car sales in particular. Partnered with fully integrated CAP Valuations available within our DMS and a streamlined sales process, Appraisal Builder bridges the gap for most dealers where information is traditionally not captured or recorded accurately,” he said.


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At the heart of DMS is the world-class Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution, which offers a familiar and intuitive user interface that enhances usability, increases user confidence and reduces training needs. Ebbon-Dacs has applied its extensive automotive retailing expertise to this leading global business management solution to produce a DMS solution uniquely tailored for franchised dealer groups in the UK.

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